• I have known and worked with Bernice for many years, on both a personal & professional level. Bernice has the highest work ethic, integrity and approaches everything she does with passion, compassion and authenticity. She is exemplary as a role model, mentor, and influencer and inspirational as a Leader in Personal Development. I would highly recommend Bernice and her services; she delivers results on every level.

    Mylene Wait-Cape Town

  • Bernice van Eck is without a doubt the most compassionate and professional personal coach in South Africa today. The way she lives her own life is both empowering and inspiring and the results she achieves for her clients are superb. Highly recommended.

    Wendy Marion Fine – South Africa

  • So where do I start, Bernice van Eck you are a phenomenal human and just one of the most beautiful souls I am lucky to have in my life.
    My journey has been on going for 6 to 7 years now. And it all started with you, so thanks to you. One healing and my life changed. I wanted and needed it
    I have grown in so many ways. Respect myself like I never have before
    My life is full of love and light
    I am happy and at peace with who and where I am.
    I know if I want more I can make it happen coz I’ve learned that I decide how far or how happy I am.
    And most of all this has all carried forward to my family
    #Self-love #bernicevaneck #isupportbernice

    Yvette Louw

  • Bernice I AM
    Totally InLove with your beautiful soul.

    Please continue doing the works that you are meant to do, the cleansing is felt across the oceans in Dubai!

    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You

    I wish u an incredible Wednesday of plenty!
    With Love & Gratitude

    Lee Levy – Dubai

  • Bernice is a. living legend with many awesome talents.

    Felicity van Eck – South Africa

  • Bernice is the best ….in world

    Somwang C

  • I have known Bernice for going on 12 years now , and have always admired her style , enthusiasm and sheer class . This latest venture of hers is the pinnacle of her achievements to date and I would recommend anyone with any type of stress in their lives to go and see her . A bargain at any price !!

    Kevin Danielson – Cape Town

  • Woke up this morning feeling extremely grateful. I have had many energy healings from our beautiful Goddess Bernice van Eck and had my first Moses Code healing and wow wow wow. It was one of best ever waking up and feeling as amazing as I AM. Thank you Bernice for Awakening the Divine within me #bernicevaneck #isupportbernice

    Yvette Louw – South Africa

  • Ok keep meaning to write this, and the day ends. Several weeks ago, too many, I booked a session of coaching with Bernice van Eck
    I don’t have the words on how amazing and profound it was. Bernice has skill and energy and connection out of this realm. I enjoyed every second and breath of it. We finished with Bernice guiding me through a meditation, pure magic and completely rebooting of my cells and heart.
    Now, weeks down. I am even more in love with the experience and knowledge I gained from the session. My business is blossoming, my heart is more open then its ever being before and my clarity and focus clear on what I am creating and living now and into the future, its exciting, very fucking exciting.
    4 years ago I saw Bernice the first time, and from that moment I was stronger and clearer than I thought I could be. It came at a time where I was being bullied at work; I was getting into the car and driving to. Well.. Words don’t cover the feeling, halfway there the anxiety attack would kick in and I would have to take a tablet. I would sit in the car in the car park convincing myself to get out, walk into the building and survive another day. I won’t go into details, but it was downright horrid. I was also in family court, doing my best to keep my daughter safe, which took years. And more.
    She gave me inner strength and shortly after came out the other side of it all.. Court case settled and I was removed from my job… and so I walked forward with strength and clarity.
    My health was already suffering and continue to slide till Oct last year.. And is now is on the up and up (that’s for another post).
    This year with so many changes, I connected with Bernice again; so much was changing and hanging. I had to pull my daughter from her school over night, which was both shocking and jarring for the both of us, and adapt into a new school environment. Hit crossroads with my businesses. All photo work and therapy work got cancelled to zero in March from Covid situation, and is only slowly picking up now.
    In that “pause time” I loved being home and the time with Thea, and we got super busy doing our passions, like a beach adventure and forest adventure. Puddle jumping and talking to my plants. Tentatively I started building my online networking business, Ariix. I had to get past my own “filters” of, all that study, qualifications, and experience and to building a networking business. Got over myself when DERRR realized. Firstly .. I get to use all my skills and experience in this business AND adventure the beach and forest… all while still puddle jumping and throwing glitter and extra cuddles with Thea.
    Over the months I started to shape a world I was too scared to imagine and make it my daily reality. Exciting, still a little part of me kept muttering shit in my head at times.. I spoke with Bernice and once again got that awesome strength and clarity to shake the murky mutterings and continue to make my reality better then imagination!!!
    Thank you Bernice for once again spreading your angel wings far and touching me across the world through the oceans and stars and bringing that magic I so love even bigger into my world.
    Hugs and Faery Sparkle.#GlobalPersonalCoach #bernicevaneck #isupportbernice

    Lata Wright- Australia

  • Just wanted to share to all out there an amazing experience I had the other night with my beautiful friend Bernice van Eck. ..I actually just went for the purpose of catching up with her when the evening landed up with her giving me a healing treatment as well. You see Bernice has the gift and the ability to work on the energy that is around you and she has the ability to get rid of negative energy that attaches itself to you when you go through a hard time…and creates havoc with you aura. .. as my close friends and family know I have had a real turbulent 3 years and I’m still going through a hard time. .. but in all honesty after Bernice treated me I felt lighter….more positive … and calmer than I have felt in years. .. she balanced me and I instantly felt a difference
    with her help I will try to continue to push all that negativity away and try to only look at the positive.. I need to let go and accept my life and to embrace all that comes my way… as I am a survivor and women have the potential to succeed and to be the best that they can… Bernice you are an inspiration and truely helped me….
    I recommend to all my friends here in Israel for a very short time Bernice is here in Israel.. take the initiative and meet with her for a treatment. … it can change your life ..contact me for all the details …..
    Bernice I thank you so much and I will continue with all what we spoke about ….wish you only the best and I know with all that you are foing you are changing peoples lives …. one at a time!!!!
    pleases everyone contact me. …. you will not regret it. #isupportbernice #bernicevaneck #GlobalPersonalCoach

    Lisa Ben Yehuda – Israel

    Bernice I could not put into words the amount of gratitude I have for you being in my life. I can say Thank you a million times over to me that is hardly enough and I know you keep saying I am doing the work yet if you had not walked into the store at moment when you did and touched me with you amazing gratitude, open hart, huge smile, loving caring touch and spiritual love & light. I am blessed to have you as a friend thank you.

    Yvette Louw

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

– Gandhi –

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