Healing Sessions


Coaching and Meditation

One hour coaching session followed by an intense healing meditation session to assist you in coping with anxiety and stress. It is highly recommended that the astral clearing/healing be done before, as it is easier to clear the negative energy from past trauma so we can walk this path of self-progression with faster results. Multiple sessions are advised depending how quick your healing goes.

Astral Healing

A remote healing that can be done anywhere in the world. It can be very beneficial for those suffering with illness, physical pain, removes any negative energy, and helps with depression, anxiety and stress. Assists the body in healing itself through our own personal thoughts with the focus on the energy of love. This is normally done whilst you sleep and your permission is needed to perform this modality.

The Heart Awakening

This beautiful Crystal Heart healing modality will assist in restoring unconditional love back to Self so that we can receive great power from the universe. Healing wounds from past and present trauma. A uniquely designed ancient Royal crystal plate made in the Holy Land is used to reconnect to self-love and acceptance of the unique divine essence that you are. It opens the channel to awaken you from your divine essence to God. Awakening the Heart chakra is one of the most important steps that we can take on our spiritual journey through life. An honor to be one of the few allowed performing this modality in the world. If you’re lacking in self-love and compassion then this modality is for you. All we need to survive is Love.

The Moses Code Awakening

The Moses Code Awakening healing modality awakens the spine and activates the DNA in the human body and the primal evolutionary force within. The spine is the axis for the human body, which acts as a connecting link between Heaven and Earth. It is the seat of major energy meridians, chakras and neurons, which defines the quality of our lives. The spine is the source of all our energy as it’s the first thing to form in our mother’s womb. The Moses Code serves as an awakening process to unlock your unique divine God-Self Essence inside of us that has been lying dormant because of our programming by society. We each have everything we need within us to create the world of which we dream. The Moses Code is in our bodies and our minds. Every cell sings the same song, the song of creation, and every heart beats to the rhythm of that melody. It’s an energy that transcends anything our minds can comprehend and unites us with elemental forces that evade the intellect. It is who we are. “I AM that I AM”

Crystal Rejuvenation

These Crystal Healing sessions bring about deep sense of renewal. I absolutely love working with them they for one are from the earth and naturally have healing properties. This session will bring you back into balance whilst allowing you to relax and regenerate. Benefits of Crystal Healing: • Balances your energy • strengthens the immune system • Brings calmness to the mind • gives you more energy. This is a profound healing that sends you into a deep brainwave state, and you will awake feeling refreshed, positive and ready to resume life with more energy.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching offers companies assistance with helping their staff to remain calm, free from stress and anxiety especially during the time of COVID-19 crises. The coaching can be arranged individually or as a group. This will help to assist those who are suffering from the effects of the virus and will improve work production.

Cult Recovery

These are one-hour sessions online. Depending on your experience and trauma you went through I will set up a program to assist in your path to recovery. I was involved in a cult myself so I am well versed in the healing that needs to take place.

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