My Life is my own

What would it be like for women to completely own our power? To have agency over our own glory, our sexuality and not in order to create a product or to sell it or to feel worthy of love or to use it as a tool for safety. But instead as a way of being. Imagine that. It takes a certain type of bravery it means risking being misunderstood. Perceived as alone and broken, I want to be the brave me. The one whose life is my own. Because brave and brave you, is beautiful. When I think beautiful, I think of a tree, I think of a bird soar. I think of an embodied woman. I stand tall “This is Me”. Heart open, sexual, powerful and full of all her agency. Beings at the height of their own resonance, their own selfness. Fully in bloom. That’s what bravery and beauty look like. She is just one aspect of your soul that helps you become the fully embodied and completely integrated real, true self. I think she is in each of you right now somewhere in your heart. So I invite you all, If you haven’t already, to let her out. To let her have her glory.
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With Love and Blessings,
Bernice van Eck